450 Harrison Avenue, Studio #214
Boston, MA 02118





Susannah creates abstract, mixed-media paintings and drawings influenced by the ocean – it’s creatures, colors, movement, and emotion. She enjoys painting in bright colors, combining multiple layers of media to form depth in texture and composition. Susannah revels in the happiness she feels in making her artwork and hopes to share the positive feelings in her work with others.

Growing up in New England, Susannah often went to the beaches of Cape Cod and collected seashells. Those shells are still being incorporated into her work, even literally, today. She drew mermaids constantly as a child and teenager, eventually translating them into more abstract shapes in her paintings now. With a degree in Visual (Fine) Arts from Brown University, and growing up visiting SoWA, it has been a life-long dream to have studio space in SoWA. Visit Susannah at 450 Harrison in Studio #214