450 Harrison Avenue, Studio #414
Boston, Massachusetts 02118




Art in any form whether it be dance, music or painting has always been my inspiration in life. In my work, I strive to reveal true beauty, the beauty which nature has intended us to see. I strive to represent the natural atmosphere of beauty in objects and places.

I am an oil painter who has always had great respect for the old masters of tradition. My admiration of traditional paintings extends to the realism in my work today. My still lives are about poetry and symbolism.

Inspired by the elegance of the ballet, as dancers grace the stage, their movement and soulfulness awakens my passion to translate this on to my canvas, evoke dignity and elegance. This allows me to bring to life the feeling, the dream and the soul of the dancer, to connect you to the absent dancer.

I believe that my paintings possess mystery and some fantasy to please the eye and not to bore the viewer. What I am trying to achieve in my painting is to create a mood to express deep intense feelings and romanticism to touch human emotion.

Oil Paintings, represented by Newbury Fine Art Gallery in Boston