SilverWoods Studio

450 Harrison Avenue, Studio #211
Boston, Massachusetts 02118



Over ten years ago, after years of painting representational landscapes, I felt a push to experiment. I picked up my palette knife and started spreading paint on the canvas. I had no plan, however my love of nature and landscape subconsciously impacted my direction. My process usually begins at the top of the canvas, where I apply paint as areas of color. As I work my way down the canvas, I get a feel from the developing composition. The direction is not always obvious, so I’ll continue to layer paint, using color and shape to resolve the composition. Abstract, or somewhat recognizable, the ultimate interpretation is up the viewer.

Through my continued experimentation, two alternative styles have evolved. They find their roots from my years of doodling through innumerable meetings in my corporate life. I’ve expanded those doodles, drawing upon color and line to create an exciting organic flow. Each of these paintings represents a season, expressed through the color palette I choose. 

The second of these experimentations are composed of geometric shapes that appear to expand the dimensions of the canvas and fool the eye. Elements jump off the canvas, while others settle into the background. I play with shapes and shadow as well as focus to give the illusion of depth and movement.