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My primary medium is printmaking. The printmaking process has many unpredictable steps leading to the creation of a final image. Its appeal is that is can be both spontaneous and highly technical, a whole brain process. I also like incorporating other media into my images and most recently have been working with fabric, thread, dyed paper and gold leaf, as well as old books, maps and sheet music.

I am inspired by the beauty, resilience and changes that occur in the natural world, and most especially the paradox of permanence/impermanence. I am interested in the organic shapes and patterns in nature of rocks, tree bark, feathers, etc. I am drawn to these by their beauty of design and shape, their color, a sense of history, connectedness and transience. My work focuses on themes of loss, change, cycles and rhythms, spiritual and physical journeys, and our connections to each other and the natural world. More recently, I have been interested in the idea of balance, in its many forms, physical, spiritual, cultural, the demands of contemporary life, and a complicated world. 

I hope my work conveys a sense of the limitless variation in patterns in nature and their inherent beauty and mystery. And that within these images are contained elements of creation, change, the basic particles of life, and also a sense of their history and their journey. Their journey also represents our own including the obstacles we face and our sense of awe of the magnitude of our own path.

Represented by Artemis Gallery, Northeast Harbor, ME

Current and Upcoming Shows

Coldwell Banker, Boston, MA, November 2018-January 2019

NewTV, Newton, MA, December 2018-January 2019

Artemis Gallery, Northeast Harbor, ME, May-October 2019