551 Tremont Street – BCA Artist Studio #407
Boston, Massachusetts 02116



My work includes painting on fabric and rice paper, fiber collage, soft sculpture and installation.
I am primarily concerned with the expression of color, transparency and movement in my compositions. The exploration of transparency is central to my thinking.I paint on silk with textile dyes. My fabric is abstract and inspired by the beauty and magic of nature and the amazing process of the painting itself, where the hand-mixed dyes applied immediately to fabric surfaces – combining monotype printing with painting to produce striking colors and patterns – transformed the ancient tradition of painting on silk to a modern work of art.

In my other technique,I am painting with ink, applying it on wet waxed rice paper, then detailing the ink drawing. Sometimes I draw my inspiration for this from the images of Earth as viewed from a bird’s view.

Both techniques are spontaneous. They allow me to carry out my experiments with color.

To see the photos of my fabric go to Selina Narovlansky BCA website.