450 Harrison Avenue, Studio #418
Boston, Massachusetts 02118




Rhonda Smith has been immersed in visual study all her adult life. She graduated from St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY, and studied at the School of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Cooperativa Mosaicisti, Ravenna Italy. Her current work incorporates her abiding love of science, the land, water and the sacred. The idea in science of any dynamic system being in a state of disequilibrium is an underlying concept in her work.

Of particular concern now is that our planet has lost its wild spaces and permanently altered its environment.
After many years in painting she is now working in three dimensions to better express her ideas about the human -wrought changes in the natural world. Each work combines a variety materials like clay, fabric, wire and wood and different techniques, from soldering, carpentry and sewing to welding and hand-building. Color is an important active element in her work which she brings from her background in painting.

Solo Exhibitions
2020 October Kingston Gallery Project Space, Boston MA