Boston Center for the Arts, Studio #305
551 Tremont Street
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

I was born in India and exposed to color, form, beauty bursting with artististic self expression that is an organic and daily aspect of life in India.
I studied textile design and worked with an organization that was reviving traditional arts and crafts while working with designers such as Pierre Cardin. The blending of the traditional and the modern has always appealed to me.
I then went to Sweden where I really came in touch with the simple, sophisticated and the modern in the way life was lived and the design inspired by this sensibility.
I have lived in Boston for most of my adult life and Boston exemplifies the respect for the traditional with a dynamic modern innovation in most spheres including architecture and design.
As artists we respond to the environment while we explore our own personal response to what is around us.
I am interested in the inner and the outer and where the two intersect.
I look for harmony in seemingly disparate and opposing forces.
I work with mixed media.