450 Harrison Avenue, Studio #325
Boston, Massachusetts 02118






Back in 2001, I took a month-long artist’s retreat deep in the woods of British Columbia living in a tent on a mountainside with no electricity or running water. I intended to focus on photography which had been a passion of mine for at least a decade, but my camera broke on the first day there. What to do… I purchased some acrylics from the on-site “store” (a woodshed stocked with art supplies) and spent my days in this primitive paradise painting on found wood. I haven’t stopped since.

While I now favor oils over acrylics, my medium of choice is encaustic, which allows for lots of possibilities in creating layered, textured, mixed media pieces. And I love the element of serendipity inherent in the never-really-sure-what-you’re going-to-get fusing process integral to this technique.
As was the case with photography, painting reminds me to take time to absorb the natural world, and my hope is that my loose interpretations and imaginings of nature somehow reflect bits of beauty that have seeped in.

Oh…and when I’m not painting, I am a high school math teacher.

A member of the SoWa Artists Guild, Patricia has worked out of her studio at 450 Harrison Avenue in Boston’s South End since 2009 and has had the pleasure of forming relationships with collectors both around town and across the globe.