450 Harrison Avenue, #416
Boston, MA 02118





Nick Peterson-Davis Fine Art Oil Painter
Cell: 617.835.0405
Email: nick@nickpetersondavis.com
Website: nickpetersondavis.com
Instagram: nickpetersondavisartist
Address: 87 Greenough Street, Brookline, MA 02445

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Nursing (BSN)
Business (BSMA)
Education (MSN)

Stewart Clifford Gallery, Provincetown, MA (2010-present)
Gallery 416eqwqwe, SoWa, Boston, MA (2018-present)
Gallery Twist, Concord, MA (2019-present)
A-Z Fine Art, Winchester, MA (2019-Present)
Kiley Court, Provincetown, MA (2004-2010)

Juried Shows
Thrive Show, Gallery Twist, Lexington, MA (2019)
Cambridge Art Association 2019 National Prize Show, Cambridge Art Assc., Cambridge, MA (2019)
Ho Humm Show, Gallery Twist, Lexington, MA (2019)
Frances R. Roddy Competition2019, Concord Art Association, Concord, MA (2019)
Illumination, Gallery Twist, Lexington, MA (2019)
Broken Beauty, Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA (2020)
Members Juried Show 01, Concord Art Association, Concord MA (2020)
Mass Art Auction 2020, Mass College of Art and Design, Boston, MA (2020)
Cambridge Art Association 2020 Member’s Prize Show , Cambridge, MA (2020)

Professional Affiliation
Cambridge Art Association,
Cambridge, MA
Concord Art Association, Concord, MA

I was born in 1958 and grew up in Maumee, Ohio. Important memories from my child-hood include loving parents and siblings, hard work, and lots of play. I have always loved nature and art and as a child thought one day I would be a professional artist.

For much of my young adult life I worked in restaurants but ultimately became a registered nurse. In 2018, after 25 years, I retired from nursing to focus on creating art and spending time with my husband Steve and our kids.

The subject for my paintings are a culmination of a lifetime of experiences and love of nature. Applying various oil painting techniques and employing a good deal of imagination, I create dynamic paintings with the sole intention of elevating the moment. In my 60’s now, I have a stable home, a beautiful art studio, and time dedicated to painting. I am a professional oil painter. A joyous dream come true.

I am going to paint until I’m 80. Then I will rest. That is the plan.