450 Harrison Avenue, Studio #316B
Boston, Massachusetts 02118







Artist statement:
My artwork is inspired by nature, people and invisible realities. My primary form of expression is drawing. What drives me to drawing practice is the simplicity of execution without previous preparation. Drawing gives me the ability to respond quickly to seeing, feeling or idea in mind. It deepens my ability to see and experience things. It is a sophisticated way of thinking and communication. I most enjoy working on a small, intimate scale. Wanting to keep a distraction at a minimum, I often use very simple mediums, like graphite, pastels, ink, and sometimes candle wax. Each of my works begins with accidental marks to which I respond to make a satisfying composition. Besides working on paper, I like the texture and the messy process of painting with oils on canvas. I often use strong, violent hand movements and rugs to introduce uncertainty and violence into my process. Applying many layers of oil paint and concentrating on its scent, thickness, and fluidity, I am able to unlock deeper sensations and memories.

Mirela Kulovic is a Bosnian painter based in the USA. She holds a master degree in industrial engineering from University of Split, Croatia. Shortly after graduating, Mirela decided to change the course of her career and dedicated herself to painting and drawing instead. Since 2016 she has exhibited in Boston area with select solo shows at Bromfield Gallery, Cambridge Art Association, Inside-OUT Gallery and Brookline Arts Center and more than twenty juried group shows. Her work was published in Studio Visit Magazine Vol. 38. She is a founder and director of Art Centar Gračanica in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a non-profit art center and hub: initiated in spring 2018, to support, develop and promote art related projects in small towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region.