46 Waltham Street, Studio #203
Boston, Massachusetts 02118





Michael Mittelman has been working at the intersection of the analog and the digital worlds for over twenty years. He has employed Virtual Reality, Internet art, interactive installation art, Augmented Reality, and various rapid prototyping technologies. His latest body of wood sculpture and furniture is the culmination of these investigations. The digital is represented by the computer controlled router which cuts the paths. The analog is represented by the natural grain and patterns in the wood being cut. As in his past work, each piece begins as a concept sketched on the computer, which allows him to rapidly visualize and iterate the design. The cutter moves through the wood controlled by a computer. The grooves are entirely predetermined by the digital plans. The location of the knots, the pattern of the wood grain, and worm paths in the wood, however, are all left to chance. Future attempts at cutting the same piece will always result in a significantly different outcome.