450 Harrison Avenue, Studio #312  (during Open Studios)
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

4 Goodwin Place  (Other)
Apt. 3
Boston, Massachusetts 02114



Instagram: @meghanweeksartist


As a representational landscape artist, Weeks’ practice combines painting on site with continued work in the studio. Both locations present challenges. Painting in the landscape is tantamount to fielding a thousand questions simultaneously, with so many tones and forms requiring attention at once. Back in the studio, the test turns to reworking the piece, harmonizing its elements to create a successful painting while maintaining the vitality of the original subject.

As a former architecture student, Weeks tends towards structured motifs by incorporating manmade forms or finding defined geometries in pure landscape. While she frequently paints closer to home in Boston, Nantucket, and around New England, traveling and living abroad has extended her range to landscapes across Europe, Africa, and Australasia.