Watercolor Art Studio
46 Waltham Street, Studio #208
Boston, MA 02116




Watercolor is a versatile and endlessly fascinating medium. I like the spontaneity of the painting process. My watercolor paintings happen between chance and control. I like to paint fast and feel drawn to fleeting moments. In my abstract looking work, I reflect the meaning of water for life. These paintings are based on flow patterns. My still-lifes of fruit and flowers are more about the watercolor medium than about subject matter. I enjoy the fleeting light on perishible things. The excitement of a passing moment inspires me as well when I paint the human body. In the summer I enjoy painting out-of-doors, especially in the changing coastal landscape of Truro.

Marianne A. Kinzer is an artist and watercolor painter. She studied at the University of Berlin and the Art Institute of Chicago. Active in her pursuit of technical and conceptual self-improvement throughout a 30-year career, she has for the last eight years focused on watercolor painting. She has studied with renowned artists, taught classes and won awards in Oak Park, Illinois, and recently led a watercolor retreat at Castle Hill, Truro Center of the Arts. Marianne A. Kinzer has shown and sold her work in several countries: Germany, where she was born and educated; Turkey, where she lived for 4 years; and in the US. She now lives and works in Truro and in Boston.
Marianne A. Kinzer teaches at Castle Hill, Truro Center of the Arts: www.castlehill.org Beginning Watercolor, June 17 to 23 2019