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Lena Young is an artist and best-selling author. She has a studio in Boston and runs her own private gallery in China. With a background in Eastern philosophy and eclectic healing traditions, Lena’s art is influenced by her interest in the spiritual arts. Through her paintings, she shares the healing that she has experienced and the understandings to which she has awakened. Her art has become a catalyst to touch hearts and spark change.

Lena’s passion is to support people in reconnecting with their heart space and realizing their amazing potential. She believes that when we live our authentic truth, we can illuminate and inspire the world around us just by being ourselves.


My artwork is an expression of a deep call for healing, for connection, for truth. I work with oils, acrylics, and a variety of mixed media. My exploration has taken me from colorful interpretative landscapes into the realm of abstract expressionism. My art is characterized by movement, rich and vibrant colors, and bold brushstrokes. Because I paint my healing process, often times, chaos and calm are interwoven together on the canvas. Rather than focusing on the end result, I juxtapose elements that show the unfolding of growth and transformation. Abstract art gives me the freedom to trust and surrender to the process without the need to conform to a set of rules or expectations. It gives me the space to own my journey and to share it authentically.

My life is a journey of continuous learning. Painting reminds me to stay humble and to honor the creative expression of my soul. When I can gracefully surrender to the Universe without expectation, the art just flows through me.