539 Tremont St., BCA Artist Studio #411
Boston, Massachusetts 02116




In the seventh grade Kathleen A. Kneeland learned that everything was made of molecules. The idea of a cosmos quivering with an invisible, vital force fascinated her. This notion of all things being somehow connected changed her perception of the world around her and continues to influence and inform her creative process and art.

Kneeland’s work considers the natural world, its various organisms, and the issues that affect them. She is interested in ubiquitous vulnerabilities, strengths, and contradictions that create connections. Inspired by biology, politics, and memory, she collects raw material from a variety of sources: some planned, others by chance.

For the last several years, she has primarily been a painter that likes to draw. Graphite is one of her favorite mediums because of its versatile spectrum of possibility, its simplicity. Occasionally, she combines graphite with gesso, paint, or other materials to create layers of imagery that float in and out of view. Alongside this process lurks a collector that accumulates and assembles strange stuff– more times than not harvested from the sidewalks and streets. Hovering somewhere between 2 and 3 dimensional work, Kneeland creates off the wall sculptures that often recycle found objects by combining them with unlikely elements.

Kneeland’s aim is to contemplate systems of existence and their occasional dissolution, to present work that considers what it means to be an integral part of the universe, and the importance of these interrelations.

Currently showing in: Who Saved Who? in the Heritage Gallery at the New Bedford Museum of Art, show goes till 3/3/19, Check out www.newbedfordart.org for further details

Also, coming up: Object(ive) at the Brookline Art Center, March 15-April 19, 2019, Reception: Friday, March 22, 2019, 6-8pm, Check out www.brooklineartscenter.com