59 Wareham Street, Studio #1
Boston, Massachusetts 02118



My work explores our emotions and environments and the play between them. In many media, I explore human nature, the world of nature, and the joys of line, form, and color. Sometimes the work is a celebration; sometimes it’s a visual requiem. I aim to show what we feel, to capture moments that stay with us and shift our awareness forever.

Images develop from observation, experience, and intuition. Depending on the medium and the message, the results may be animated or serene. Working in the parallel languages of the narrative and the abstract, my free-flowing design process generates a rhythm akin to visual music.

As I work, I intuitively combine techniques and materials. Watching results reveal themselves generates a creative dialogue. I invite you to the conversation.

Karen Lee’s memoir–Twelve Weeks: An Artist’s Story of Cancer, Healing, and Hope–is illustrated with her art.