John Vinton Fine Arts
46 Waltham Street, Studio #205a
Boston, Massachusetts 02118

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Artist’s Statement

I started painting when I was in grammar school, taking a Saturday class with a local instructor, soon learning that creating images helped me make emotional sense of things. As an adult I still rely on painting for that emotional grounding. I can say – yes, that’s what it feels like at Ballston Beach say or Eastern Point or the Pamet River, that’s the light in the shallows, the play of wind across the water, that’s the feeling of the rocky shore as it meets the Atlantic. Lately in some of my work I’ve been adding a horizon – a place marker for landscape – while using abstraction as a sort of magic realism providing a feeling of recognition without being strictly realistic: your imagination is freed to feel the power and subtlety of rocks and ocean and sky by means of abstraction’s visual clues.

I’m interested in painting as a way to capture this sense of place, the inner feel for the specificness of the places that interest me. Using abstraction I feel accesses our primal visual experience before we had categories like “tree” and “house”, providing rich visual memories free of verbal concepts, a potpourri of colors and textures and emotional responses. It seems to me that this early visual experience continues to be important to us and guides us in how we see.

For me this involves painterly approaches, sensitive to process incident and freshness and spontaneity, in pursuit of the specific visuality that catches the feeling.

I have studied both at Harvard (architecture) and Brandeis and Mass Art (painting). My work is in several local collections, including the Shapiro Wing at Brigham and Women’s hospital and Blue Cross Blue Shield in Hingham and in homes through out New England.