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Boston, Massachusetts 02118






My mixed-media work is a combination of traditional photography and encaustic medium presented on pieces of reclaimed wood. Inspired by memory, personal history, self-reflection, and the theater of the domestic, I create non-linear narratives inspired by vivid dreams, chaos, and the search for true identity. My imaging of self-portraits in motion speaks to the frantic pace of each day, while also visually embodying the connection between conscious, subconscious, and unconscious through action and reaction. I portray the contradiction between asserting an identity as an individual, and being lost in the onslaught of life by showing myself being silenced, blinded, and teetering on a precipice with disembodied toys and scrawls of desperation and fantasy. Utilizing encaustic medium is my way of quieting penetrating sound while also surrendering to its insistence, and the many-step process of creating individual works and installations is imbued with both meditative and monotonous motion driven by the need to reconcile the disparity of suffering and love.

Jessica Burko is a mixed-media artist combining traditional photography with encaustic medium. She has been exhibiting her work since 1985 in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States including on the set of Ben Affleck’s 2010 film, The Town. In addition to being a practicing artist Burko is the Program Manager and Curator at the Photographic Resource Center at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA, and she is an independent curator with more than thirty exhibitions produced since 2000. Burko’s extensive work in the arts supports creatives in achieving their goals through lectures, workshops, and partnerships with organizations such as Mass MoCA’s Assets for Artists Program, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Studio Arts Program, and the Danforth Museum’s Professional Artists Workshops. Burko holds a BFA in Fine Art Photography from Rhode Island School of Design, and an MFA in Imaging Arts and Science from Rochester Institute of Technology. Jessica Burko is originally from Philadelphia, currently works from her studio in Boston’s South End, and lives in Roslindale with her family.