551 Tremont Street – BCA Studio #204 (during Open Studios)
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As a goldsmith and enamel artist who also studied interior design and architecture, I think of myself as both an artist and designer, however, design is my worldview; the lens through which I view, evaluate and understand the world around me. Like architecture, jewelry design blends art and science, form and function, creativity and innovation. As a result, the process of creation – each step I take from researching and brainstorming to sketching and modeling, selecting materials and fabricating – is inspiring to me. I’m motivated by curiosity and problem solving – making connections and reimagining what is possible.

I am fascinated with myths and folk stories that recount heroic adventures. These stories strive to express the mystery and complexity of the human experience and the relationships that influence and inspire us. I love to travel, and to meet people and hear their stories. I love history, and the connection I feel to past civilizations when I use the ancient and revered techniques of goldsmithing. I am intrigued by history and folklore, and I see my work as a contemporary distillation of ancient handcrafts and jewelry, the ornament of indigenous peoples, and the beauty and intricacy of nature. I strive to create pieces that lift people up, connect them to things that matter and resonate with them in a positive, joyful way.

I grew up in rural farming country and that experience has helped me to see, listen to, and value nature, heritage and storytelling. I also learned to value simplicity – things simple in materials and construction, yet often complex in memory and mythology. I am intrigued with the boundary between civilization and wildness. Mythology and folklore, mysticism and superstition, and the corresponding symbols, characters and stories that exist in every culture in every era, suggest the profound roots of our collective effort to come to terms with the world that surrounds us. Similarly, I search for meaning in the convergence of mythology, identity and ornament.

I acknowledge and am grateful that strong women in my life have influenced and inspired me. With a sense of humor they embraced the present, yet they had a sense of tradition; they were imaginative and a little rebellious, but still classic and timeless. They liked to discover new things and could see perfection in imperfection. I imagine how they might want to feel when they walk into a room, and design for that moment. Not only caregivers and business owners, my mother, grandmothers and great grandmother were skilled at crafting ordinary objects, made with incredible talent and love to lift one’s spirits and elevate the everyday. They taught me that personal history has staying power and it never goes out of style.