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153 West Newton Street
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I guess I became an artist because as soon as I had to sit at a desk in school, I had to doodle to keep concentrated on whatever the poor teachers were saying. While occasionally looking at them trying to appear interested, I started sketching caricatures which promptly sent me to detention under the label “artist”. This has been going on for over 60 years and at my ripe old age, it still helps me to focus on a topic during a conference, a never-ending business meeting or a webinar.
I carry a sketchbook and like an Amex card, I “never leave home without it”. Eventually some of these sketches in pencil or watercolor find their way into an oil painting. It might actually end up being something totally different from the original as I really like to let my imagination handle the brush.
If I really wanted to reproduce exactly what I see, I would use a digital camera.
So painting is a totally freeing environment for me. I might get an idea from a picture, a sight I vaguely remember or a pure figment of my imagination and start painting. The only objective at this point is to produce an image I will enjoy looking at.
In my kitchen there is the “wall of shame” where I hang my most recent canvases. Family and friends can provide insight about what they see, like or dislike. More often than not, a painting will return to the studio for adjustments.
I have the great chance of belonging to small group of artists who meet in a private studio once a week and paint together for several hours, while drinking some wine and discussing each other’s work. We all have different styles, techniques and interests which provide enriching topics of discussion
Mys wife Dana and I have two adult children and a brand new grand-daughter. We live in Boston’s South End with “Chachat” an over-indulged affectionate grey cat.