450 Harrison Avenue, Studio #215
Boston, MA 02118







Heather Buechler is a New England based artist focusing specifically on the intersection between spirituality and the state of one’s mind and presence. Trained in Figurative Drawing and Fibers, Heather began to experiment with varied materials including resin, acrylics, cattle markers, and recycled house paints. At first glance her art appears to be merely abstract, but upon careful visual interaction with it one cannot help but feel the soothing peacefulness that emanates from the canvas. This feeling isn’t coincidental – it is intentionally crafted and it is the force behind her work. This visual interpretation of universal connectivity allows the viewer to lose themselves within the borders of the canvas.

Heather has been in solo and group shows and her work is held in private collections. Her art can be described as vibrant and expressive and her diverse body of work demonstrates a broad range of talent across mediums. Keep an eye out for this artist with unique artistic vision and love for color.