59 Wareham Street, Studio #24
Boston, Massachusetts 02118




Mediums: Oil, acrylic, traditional gold gilding, mixed media

Born in Germany, Gisela Griffith immigrated to the United States when she was three years old and spent her formative years in Chicago. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and later continued her interest in art by attending The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Diploma program. Gisela has been working as a Boston artist since 2002.

Observing nature and exploring the relationship between plants and humans have been significant concepts in my work. ‘Secrets of Nature’ Birch Bark Icons, a body of work that continues to evolve, uses symbolism to explore European folklore and personal history. Symbolism and an awareness of art history are present in the art I create.

My current body of work addresses religious indoctrination. Religion has been an underlying and repeating concept in my work but the rise of religious fundamentalism pervading society on a global scale compels me to openly explore religiosity, particularly how religious doctrine is internalized and why people hold on to religious beliefs. My process involved the deconstruction of a bible and the repurposing of collectible objects transforming both into assemblages that reflect a personal perspective.

My paintings are inspired the Hubble Space Telecsope image of the universe.Know as the icon of space, the Hubble Space Telescope has produced humbling images of stunning beauty that invoke the same reverence that religious icons call upon sanctity, unity and awe, in this context awe of creation. I address my own and collective anxiety on the effects of climate change on the earth, searching for a relationship between art and science that offers hope and possibilities for future generations.