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The designs in my collection are made by a process known as Paste Paper. One of the earliest forms of decorating paper, paste paper can be traced back to the late sixteenth century when it was widely used by bookbinders in Europe for both bookcovers and endpapers.

The process of making paste paper has changed little and remains simple. A specially prepared paste is cooked, colored with paint/dyes or pigments and brushed onto wet paper. While the paper is still wet, designs are created using a variety of tools ranging from paintbrushes and combs to handmade carved rollers to flea market finds and kitchen gadgets…or even one’s hand.

Making paste paper is always exciting as it offers me never-ending opportunities to explore both color and design. My designs are often inspired by primitive art, ornamental motifs and the patterns, textures and colors found in nature.

I have been working as a paste-paper artist since 1997.

For the past several years while the focus of my work is to produce individual sheets of paste paper for others to use in their work I continue to use my paste paper to make jewelry, books and boxes.

My 2019 shows are….
University of Southern Maine
Book Arts Bazaar, Sunday April 7, 2019, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

United South End Open Studios