59 Wareham Street,  Studio #6
Boston, MA 02118




Cori Champagne is best known for her garments and attire which transform into temporary shelters. Crossing borders, fleeing climate extremes, transitioning to a new life – her body of work responds with an adaptive design solution intended to survive circumstances no longer comfortably futuristic. Based on collected narratives and research, and with an emphasis on the female participant, Cori’s apparel invites viewers to imagine themselves outfitted, and facing challenges experienced in the global community.

Her work has been exhibited all over the US; as an independent artist, in collaboration with the Bunny Sandwich Collective, and recently as a member of ArtShape Mammoth. While part of the Bunny Sandwich Collective, she was a recipient of grants from The Puffin Foundation and The Barbara Deming Fund for their “American Nomads” project. Cori is adjunct faculty at Boston Architectural College, in the School of Architecture, and is a program administrator at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.