USEA Member Exhibition

Opening Reception on Sunday, Nov 11, 4-6pm

Exhibit continues through end of January


Participating Artists & Titles of Piece(s):

A P Turner – Bee Balm Tea; Chenille Dance; Rhodoin Growth Stages; Zinnia Fun
Arlene Greenspan –  Crashing on Shore; Wave with Rocks
Jean-Pierre Dubreil – Ochre Quarries; Roofs in Moustier
Marion Dioguardi – Not Pretty Buoys; The Buoy that Looks like a Narwhal
Monrud Becker – Transition; Androgynous
Susan Blatt – Destination in Sight; Navigating by QE
Sharon Whitman – Balance; Stone Beacon
Beverly Rippel – Free Fall; Containment
Marcia Crumley – Lake Shore Spring; Silence is Golden
Fiona Lovell-Horning – Yellow Brick; Poppies
Edie Bowers – (Untitled) – Connections-Red;  Connections
Jane Brayton – Smiling; Golden Thoughts
Sloat Shaw – 3 Sticks; After Flood Day
Patricia Busso – Memory of Birches; A Reason to Smile
Jon Amburg – View from the Highland; Beach Forest Pond
Harriet Kuliopulos – Regatta on the Charles; Cathedral Rocks
Mirela Kulovic – Four Silhouettes
Anna Latkovic – Emerge from Within 02; Symbiotic Divide 01
Lena Young – Ascension; Creating Joy
B. Glee Lucas – End of the World; La Terrasse
Wendy Shapiro – Black Oak; Tech Time
Marjorie Kaye – DayBreak; Curiosity
Tom Stocker – La Banista; El Banista


Price List of Artists’ Works (PDF)


Coldwell Banker website – Boston South End