450 Harrison Avenue, #318
Boston, MA 02118





My interest in pursuing mixed media grew out of a desire to create with my
hands again. After many years working in graphic design, mostly in front of a
computer, the impulse to make art ‘the old-fashioned’ way, applying various
mediums by hand and brush, getting my hands dirty, was very compelling.
Even so, my background in design remains a major influence in my work,
informing my compositions and the found materials that I use. My love of type
and printed ephemera means that old papers, books, magazines and sheet
music often make up the backdrops to my pieces. Layering old papers and fibers
and working into them with acrylics and washes, oil pastels, colored pencils,
and stitching, the rich textures and colors combine to create pieces that are
both thoughtful and provocative. I come back to familiar themes over and over
again when I’m working, revisiting them like old friends: childhood, innocence
and loss, being rooted in the past, rebirth.
I work out of my studio at 450 Harrison Avenue #318 which, along with those of
many other artists in the building, is open on the first Friday of every month from 5-9pm,
and by appointment.