450 Harrison Avenue, #318
Boston, MA 02118






Perhaps because I am an immigrant – born and brought up in England, but living in the US for over half my life – I come back to familiar themes over and over again when I’m working, revisiting them like old friends: innocence and loss; being rooted in the past, rebirth. Whether figurative – personal narratives, real and imagined, of my childhood; or abstract – quasi-landscapes that capture the beauty of nature and, in particular, the New England oceans that are so integral to my life here, my work is deeply personal.

After many years working as a graphic designer, my interest in pursuing mixed media grew out of a desire to make art ‘the old-fashioned’ way, applying various media by hand and brush. I strive to let go of preconceived ideas and allow my subconscious to guide me – a process that can be almost meditative. I usually start a piece having little or no idea of where it will go. Creating texture through the materials I use. Painting with watercolor, unpredictable and almost uncontrollable. Layering papers and working into them with acrylics and washes, oil pastels, colored pencils; then scraping away and sanding, adding more layers of color and texture on top. Combining words and images – type and printed ephemera, such as old papers, books and magazines, sheet music, and fabrics – with rich textures and colors to create pieces that are both thoughtful and provocative.