59 Wareham Street, Studio #1
Boston, MA 02118




ARTIST STATEMENT I make a conscious effort not to work from intent, but rather to invest myself in the materials completely and the emotional and physical response they elicit. I am fascinated by process and decay, the rearrangement or dissembling of patterns and the rhythms that occur when repetition is disrupted. Most essentially, I trust in mark making as the most natural way of connecting, seeing and recording encounters. Books are a vehicle for both abstract and tangible expression, for exploring the compelling tensions between content and responsive, complementary structure.

BIOGRAPHY Born in New York City, Annie earned her BFA from Smith College and her MAT in Fine Arts from Harvard. She has taught drawing, painting and book design in the Boston area, and has worked as a freelance illustrator and graphic designer. She has been a mixed media painter and book artist for over 30 years. Her award wınnıng work is in collections in Boston, New York, Turin, Istanbul, Hungary, and Poland. She lives and works in Boston and in the Aegean coastal village of Çeşme Dalyanköy in Turkey.